Shannon Schoppe, Master Esthetician

Cameo College, Medical Master's Esthetics

My philosophy is to improve the feel and look of our skin holistically by really believing and practicing that what you put in and on your body will accomplish those improvements.

a little bit about me: I was raised by an amazing mother who introduced my brother and I to the mountains, rivers, and travel. We were not traveling first class it was usually in the truck with my brother and I stuffed in the bed. Don't get me wrong they made it very plush and it had a cover. We would drive the west coast and stay in rustic cabins and camping grounds. Best memories in my life that I share with my daughter. I learned to ski at a young age with my father and brother and have instructed my daughter how to ski at the age of three. She is a little ripper now down the blues. I love many other outdoor activities; such as: fly fishing, hiking, snowboarding, camping, SUP, traveling, music festivals, etc.